Social Media Marketing

Orbis Consultancy offers a variety of social media marketing services to help you get more customers, clients, patients and expand your business partnerships. We can help in the following areas:

Strategic Planning

  • Development of a Social Media Marketing Strategy: We can create a social media strategic plan for your business.
  • Social Media Consulting: Already started using social media sites and tools? We’ll review your current sites and provide areas for improvement.
  • Project Launch: Need to launch a specific marketing campaign or project using social media? We can help tailor an online marketing plan to meet your business objectives.

Social Media Account Set Up

We can set up your Facebook Business Fan Page, Twitter page, YouTube Channel, or LinkedIn Account optimized for keywords to improve natural search results.

Social Media Management

Let us be the social media voice for your company. We’ll interact with your customers. Our services include cross-promotion of any available sites such as corporate websites, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp, other review sites on behalf of your company, engage and grow your community and reply to those who are talking to you.

  • Facebook: Managing and optimizing a Facebook Business Page for your business. Regular keyword rich posts.
  • Twitter: Writing keyword rich tweets (140 character micro blogs) about your products, services and specials. Getting targeted followers.
  • LinkedIn: Joins groups, post events, post questions, provide answers, build relationships.
  • Pinterest: 1 Board with 5 images from first 5 posts.
  • Blogging: Write and post keyword rich articles, commenting on other blogs with links back to your web site.

Social Media Questions & Answers

Check out our Social Media Management Services.

The Power Of Social Media

The Benefits Are Straight Forward… And The Cost Is Affordable!

What it is… What it does…
Viral Word of Mouth
By consistently sharing your message with people who are your friends, family, co-workers, people you meet, customers and others on Facebook as well as other Social Media sites, your message is additionally be seen by their friends, family, co-workers, etc. therefore, taking your campaign viral.
More for your money As your campaign grows, it’s comparable to that of compound interest. It grows faster and faster yet your monetary spend NEVER has to increase.
Branding Your exposure via social sites helps to brand your business. Your campaign can be seen in advertising as well as on the specific sites that we are managing for you. Increased exposure means more loyal followers and more customers. All of the above leads to more referrals.
Engagement When others engage with your posts, our staff will do their best to communicate with your followers to let them know your company cares enough to pay attention to their interaction with your company.
Opt-in To Your News Feed As people LIKE your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter or opt-in to your email list, you create a loyal following of people who by free-will watch what you share with them. This gives you an avenue for consistent advertising, sharing of fun and interesting content, viral word of mouth touch points and a following to offer specials to. From here you can lead people to your website or attract them into your place of business and more.
In a Nutshell… Social Media Marketing is not the same as traditional advertising. It is not about how many clicks it takes to make a sale. This form of advertising is designed to gain a loyal following of people via a social network. This gives you access to their friends and family expanding your audience automatically without ever spending more money. This form of advertising is about exposure and loyal followers. From there, you take them by the hand to your final destination, whatever your business is. And they go with you again and again.