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Why You Should Consider Orbis Consultancy For SEO/Search Engine Marketing

  1. We Are A Full-Service Solution: We help business owners, legal professionals, medical professionals, real estate professionals, restaurant owners, and all types of business professionals identify their ideal online clients, then our marketing experts help get new customers, clients or patients to come to their website, door or phones using our world-class SEO, Lead Converting Website Design/Development Services, Mobile Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management Services. We offer a full set of solutions to help your firm grow and get new clients.
  2. We Focus On Your Businesses Marketing Strategy First: Before we begin thinking about a solution to get new customers, clients or patients for your business or practice, we first spend time investigating your marketing goals and objectives, your prior online marketing history, an analysis of your website’s SEO and lead conversion technology, and how well your competitors are competing with you. Once we have a full picture, and only after we have a full picture which we help you to understand, do we work on designing a custom internet marketing strategy and solution for your practice to get new customers, clients or patients. Many SEO companies contact your practice wanting to sell you standard SEO services – The reality is that there is nothing “standard” about the search engines or what works best from day to day which is why our SEO and Internet Marketing solutions are fluid in order to meet your particular needs and deliver results in a dynamic environment – the Internet.
  3. Our SEO Proposal Process: Step 1 is to understand your business or practice, your goals, your ideal client and your competition from your perspective; Step 2 is to analyze the marketplace and your competition using proprietary techniques and tools and then help you understand the challenges and opportunities facing your rise to the first page of Google for your desired keywords. This also includes analyzing the strength of your reputation; Step 3 is to present you with a custom SEO and Internet Marketing Plan to help you defeat your competitors and realize your lead generation and conversion goals.
  4. Full Understanding of What Is SEO and SEM: We do understand it and you can too by reviewing our explanation of what is SEO & SEM here.
  5. Putting Ourselves in Your Shoes: We look at each situation as if we were in your shoes and had to make your decision with all the factors involved including your options, risks, challenges, rewards, opportunities, ROI, competition and cost. We want you to succeed and get new customers, clients or patients so we want you to consider us a part of your team because we want to help you succeed and remain a part of your team for a long time.

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