Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is very important to understanding how to get and keep new customers and clients. With many new customers and clients beginning their search for clients reviews on your business either online or on their mobile phone, do you realize how important your online reputation is?

72% of buyers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations. Fix your Online Reputation, put it to work for you, and open the referral floodgates.

Your  Online Reputation can make or break you! Start building your positive image today!

How often do you Google your business? How about your competitors? Open another tab or browser window now or do it as soon as you finish reading this page. If you haven’t searched lately – you may be surprised. Search often or have a reputation expert from Orbis Consultancy monitor and manage your online reputation for you.

What if potential new customers and clients see a bad review from a former customers, clients, ex-employee or even a competitor (you know it happens)? How will this affect your businesses ability to get new customers and clients? How much is each lost customer or client worth to your practice? How much more would your business be worth if you didn’t lose clients this way?

You know the old saying – “a dis-satisfied customer or client will talk with 20 people, while a satisfied customer or client rarely tells anyone.”

Well – Not anymore! With the Internet and the advent of Review Sites – a bad rating, review or comment can be seen by thousands of customers, clients and prospects and affect your ability to get new customers or clients for years to come!

Do you have a way of monitoring what unhappy customers, clients, ex-employees, or even competitors are saying about you online?

Our Reputation Marketing and Management solution provides you with detailed information each month on your online visibility and most of all your business reputation on the web, on key review sites and on key social media sites.

While some review sites allow you to respond to a negative comment directly on the site, the best solution is to get more positive comments about the true value of your company ranked higher or more visible than the negative comments. That’s where the Reputation Marketing and Management service from Orbis Consultancy comes in.

Steps To A Five Star Rating

Step 1: Analyze Your Presence Online

Know what people are saying about you and know your online reputation.  Gather input from Yelp, HealthGrades, Google +, and over 100 other review sites.   

Where are you found on Google, Bing, etc.? When you are found what does it look like?

Fact:  Search any business and you’ll see that over 87% of businesses found on Google search have an associated review site attached to it. (Yelp, Google Places, TripAdvisor) Develop your Five Star Reputation!


Step 2: Capture Your Reviews
Capture all your reviews, both positive and negative; posting ALL your positive reviews online while responding to the negative reviews, thus building your reputation.

Our platform allows you to respond to reviews using ONE simple dashboard instead of logging into the dozens of review sites.

Fact:  90% of negative reviews from unhappy customers can be changed or overturned when the business responds to their critical feedback!


Step 3: Post Your Positive Reviews Where People Can View Them
Posting your positive reviews can become timely.  Posting to the places where your customers and new customers can view them is essential.  With our system in place, your positive reviews are posted to your Facebook business page, Your Website, Twitter page and we also provide a separate review site indexed by Google just for your reviews.  

We not only post reviews but we also add relative content to your Facebook page regarding your business keeping customers engaged and likely to revisit your business while referring their friends and family directly to you.


Step 4: Repeat And Build
Building a Five Star reputation in Four Steps

1)  Analyze
2)  Capture
3)  Post
4)  Repeat

Ready?  Take control of your business reputation today.


Why Us?

No Reviews

I have no online presence. No Yelp Profile. No Google+. No Facebook. No Reviews.

It’s hard enough running a small business and creating quality products and services. You do what you do best — keeping your customers happy. Let us take care of your online presence and reputation.

Bad REviews

I only have bad reviews and fake reviews. Yelp has filtered my good reviews.

Truth is, unhappy customers write reviews; happy customers often don’t bother. Unethical businesses pay folks to write fake reviews about their competitors. With our Reputation Management System you easily manage your reviews and improve your rating.

Social Media

I have positive reviews. I want to promote them everywhere.

A few good, even great, reviews are not enough – your business can still be lost in the noise of the crowded marketplace. We provide tools to amplify your positive reputation across multiple channels – your website, social media, search engines, review sites.

How It Works

To Get Started

If you want a competitive evaluation of your online reputation and a discussion of how to protect it from harm, contact us today at 619-345-4189 or use our contact us form.