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As of October 1 2017, Google (as de-facto rulers of the internet) have decided to start implementing the most dangerous warnings about unprotected websites that don’t have a SSL Certificate.

Now in July 2018 is now marking all websites that are not https.

Google is putting “Not Secure” Warnings on Websites that Don’t Have SSL…

You see, Google made an update in October that penalizes sites that don’t have something called an “SSL Certificate.” What’s that?
In laymen’s terms, an SSL certificate is what makes a website secure.
To put it simply: Google will prioritize sites that are secure – and penalize those that aren’t. Unsecured sites will also have a warning…
Yes, the dreaded “Unsafe Website” Warning. NOBODY wants that, trust me.

You can’t say you weren’t warned.

Google has been talking about this for months, testing the notices and site warnings and bragging how much this will improve security. It is now going to mark all websites that are not secure with an “Unsafe Website” Warning.

Remember: when somebody as big and as powerful as Google tells you “this is for your own good…This is to protect you..”


Most Business Owners & Webmasters don’t know this Google SSL requirement is now fully implemented in July 2018 and the few that do have NO CLUE what to do about it.

Google will be massively punishing websites lacking SSL certificates.
Google, never known for subtly, keeps ramping up the warnings.
Talk about KILLING a business!…This is the massacre we’re talking about.
Customers might (and probably will) go running when they see that warning!
Therefore, businesses owners NEED to secure their sites or they can lose business.
A local business website without an SSL certificate could be losing hundreds, even thousands of dollars, every month, to their competitors!
Website Not Secure
Problem With SSL Security
Starting in October of 2017, the Google Chrome browser has started frightening website viewers by showing them the above in their address bar on pages with any forms if you don’t have a secure (SSL/HTTPS) website. The Firefox browser has been doing something similar.
Over the last couple of weeks many website have already received an email that looks like the following, letting them know how serious Google is about this:
Google SSL Letter

The Majority of Web Visitors will see this

ON YOUR Website… unless you do something.

Website Not Secure

So, Why Worry?
Because Google Chrome is the world’s most popular browser so about half your web traffic (and probably more) is from visitors that use the Chrome browser (desktop or mobile)…and that percentage is only going UP. In addition, Firefox is the second most popular browser will see similar Not Secure messages as well.
AND the average web user has no idea this is a big push by Google to make the web a safer place, to reduce information theft and curtail some hacking activity.
Visitors are simply going to think it’s YOUR website that is “insecure.”
…and many will avoid it like the plague.

Is This Google Massacre INEVITABLE?

Yes, its a speeding train headed right for all business websites.

Google initially decided to “soft launch” their changes. Think of it as the “carrot” approach.
BUT, with the carrot approach not working like Google would like, now they’re reaching for the stick.
In July 2018, all HTTP pages will be marked as non-secure with a red warning triangle NO ONE can miss.
Google Delays 2018

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