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Orbis Consultancy gives you everything you need for Mobile Real Estate Marketing.  A Mobile Individual Listing Site will give you the ability to market a clients property more effectively and produce more leads and buyers. These Mobile Listing Sites provide your potential customers with the option to view your listings on their cellphone, tablets and home computer.

We are a society full of mobile users, using cell phones and tablets more often than a laptop computer or a desktop. You want your customers to feel like they can view the information at any time, no matter where they are.

As you know, many home seekers drive around to a neighborhood they would like to live in and typically they would see your For Sale Sign and call you if they see a property that potentially interests them.

With a Mobile Individual Listing Site you can take this to the next level by adding an addition to the For Sale Sign. You can do either of the following:

For Sale Standard Sign

For Sale Standard Sign

For More Info Sign

For More Info Rider Sign

Once they see the custom URL, they will go to it right on their smartphone and see full information about the property, including pictures, pricing, description, your information, and a Click-To-Call Button to make an appointment with you directly.

Go to with your smartphone to see a sample or scan the following QR Code:

Mobile Real Estate Demo

Mobile Real Estate Demo

With them looking at the property via their smartphone, they can truly tell if they like it, and then they use the Click-To-Call feature to reach you. This means you’ll get more qualified potential buyers instead of just lookers. This will save you time and give you more qualified appointments.


One (1) Mobile Individual Listing Site: Includes site design, domain name, hosting and full setup. $175.00   Order Here

Five (5) Mobile Individual Listing Sites: Includes site design, domain names, hosting and full setup. $150.00 each, total $900.00   Order Here

Ten (10) Mobile Individual Listing Sites: Includes site design, domain names, hosting and full setup. $125.00 each, total $1250.00   Order Here

Questions about our Mobile Individual Listing Sites? Please call us at 619-345-4189, 9am-6pm, PST.